Heidi’s House and Lichtenstein, Country #6

A side trip to an alpine meadow above Maienfield brought us to the setting of the Swiss novel, Heidi, written by Johanna Spyri in 1880. This trip required a steep climb up the hillside to see the Heidi House and sculptures representing the characters in the story. Since “Heidi” was one of my favorite stories as a child, I had to visit this little part of Switzerland.

Heidi House with "Grandfather"
Heidi House with “Grandfather”
"Heidi" and "Peter" near the Heidi House
“Heidi” and “Peter” near the Heidi House

Leaving the alpine meadow behind, we returned to the Rhine River and were actually able to cycle off-road on a well-paved cycle trail.

The Rhine River near Bad Ragaz
The Rhine River near Bad Ragaz

As the Rhine River widens, we are now cycling in the valley between the mountains on much flatter terrain. We are approaching Lichtenstein and decide this will be a good place to stop for lunch. NOT! We walked into the center of Vaduz with our bikes where there was a large selection of eateries. We chose a small snackbar where a hamburger and fries for two ended up costing 30 Euros.  We found Switzerland and Lichtenstein to be very expensive for food and lodging.

Cycling into Vaduz, Lichtenstein, castle above the city