The Desert Beckons…

The GGJV cycling team began their third day tackling a steep ride on Interstate 8 in the In Ko Pah Mountains through Devil’s Canyon Gorge with sweeping curves and 6% grade. With cool temperatures of 70 degrees and an early start to the day, the promise of a fun ride down the mountain put smiles on their faces.

Day 3 ready for a downhill run

Beyond the windmills and solar collectors as they approached Ocotillo,  the desert stretched out flat before them on and on and on. The temperatures quickly rose as the cyclists descended to sea level and lower. With no shade and brutal sun, 40 miles was sufficient for the day’s ride.

The morning after the Super Moon, windmills and the beckoning desert

Today’s ride also included flat tires, no, not the beer (Fat Tire), but a bicycle tire easily repaired and a SAG wagon tire that took a little more work. Thank you American Tire in El Centro, CA. If you need tires and you are in this part of California, check them out.

Stopping for a water break and checking a flat tire on the SAG Wagon

Cycling into El Centro, the team passed a somber reminder to ride safely despite the crackled old historic highway 80.A Ghost Bicycle was mounted on one of the palm trees. According to Wikipedia, A ghost bike, ghostcycle or WhiteCycle is a bicycle set up as a roadside memorial in a place where a cyclist has been killed or severely injured (usually by a motor vehicle).[1][2] Apart from being a memorial, it is usually intended as a reminder to passing motorists to share the road. Ghost bikes are usually junk bicycles painted white, sometimes with a placard attached, and locked to a suitable object close to the scene of the accident.

Cycling into El Centro, passing by the Ghost Cycle
Cycling into El Centro, passing by the Ghost Cycle
Near This Location Larry M. Valenzuela February 17, 1963 – June 30, 2000 Husband, Father, Nurse Died Riding His Bicycle Age 37 El Centro, California


Once the decision was made to stop for the day, a comfortable Clarion Inn became a respite from the sun. Tomorrow’s heat demands an even earlier start… 3:00 AM? The early bird (cyclist) catches a cooler ride.