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El Camino – Spring, 2014

Top of the Mountain
Top of the Mountain

El Camino de Santiago

From the suggestion of a “pilgrim” in a bookstore in Williamsburg – “Write this down and check out the El Camino de Santiago, you will want to do that one day…” and so I did. Five years later, I crossed this off my bucketventure list (as my kids refer to my bucket list) and started a whole new life. I was not expecting any life-changing experiences on the Camino, however half-way through I looked at my husband and said, “This is really nice!” His response was, “If you’d retire, we could do this all the time. To which I replied, “Deal”, handing my retirement letter to my superintendent upon my return to work the following week.

For my husband and I this was a beautiful two weeks of letting go of work responsibilities for me and appreciating the experience – being present to one another.