California Done! 7 More States to Go…

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I took the day off from writing yesterday. I started the blog when they left at 4 in the morning then did not get back to it last night. We had a nice cool pool at this hotel and also we had laundry to do. So this entry is a combination of Day 6 and Day 7

Day 6 – The cyclists started even earlier this morning, leaving at 4:08; however, the temperature was already 81 degrees.

Leaving Blythe, destination Hope, AZ
Leaving Blythe, destination Hope, AZ

The Virginia contingent is communicating with relatives at home to be sure that everything is tied down , namely our sailboat named Sine docked on Back Creek, off the York RIver. Thank you, John. Go away Joaquin.

Stay safe, Sine! Thank you Brother John.

What is it that has helped these cyclists ride stronger the past few days? First of all, they have acclimated to the much warmer weather or at least adjusted their schedule of riding to take advantage of cooler temperatures when it is still dark. The sun is brutal out here and these desert roads have little shade. Thank you Virginia for your shade from your trees! Hydration is also an important factor and water is a precious resource out here in the desert. So the SAG Wagon provides a water break/fill up about half way through their ride. Endurance builds up after a few days of riding.  Getting enough sleep and being well rested before the start of the next ride also helps.

Today’s highlight was crossing the Colorado River, the source of “life” for much of the Southwest -It was too dark when they crossed with the bikes, but I captured a shot through the RV window as I drove across. I know, bad driver.

The Great Colorado River
The Great Colorado River

Wikipedia – “Known for its dramatic canyons and whitewater rapids, the Colorado is a vital source of water for agricultural and urban areas in the southwestern desert lands of North America.[6] The river and its tributaries are controlled by an extensive system of dams, reservoirs, and aqueducts, which divert 90% of its water in the U.S. alone to furnish irrigation and municipal water supply for almost 40 million people both inside and outside the watershed.[7][8] The Colorado’s large flow and steep gradient are used for generating hydroelectric power, and its major dams regulate peaking power demands in much of the Intermountain West. Intensive water consumption has dried the lower 100 miles (160 km) of the river such that it has not consistently reached the sea since the 1960s.[7][9][10]

The cyclists crossed into Arizona and rode another 50+ miles to Hope, Arizona.

Yea! Arizona!
Arriving for a water break,start of Route 60 near Brenda, Arizona
Arriving for a water break,start of Route 60 near Brenda, Arizona

Following our 2 day cycle pattern (one day west, one day east, then move to next hotel), we drove to Wickenburg, a quaint, Old West town. After lunch at Anita’s Cocina (great tamales), and waiting on rooms, the pool was available and refreshing. Who needs a shower after a dip in a nice cool pool. Oh sorry, we got bicycle grease on the towels. Our bad. Laundry was next on the agenda, then back to the hotel to make dinner decisions. Kim found a homemade ice cream parlor near the hotel that also sold sandwiches and salads. Sign in the parlor says, “You can’t have your dinner til you finish your ice cream.” Those of you who know us and our fondness for ice cream will understand this was our kind of place. If you are ever in Wickenburg, check out Chaparral Homemade Ice Cream -


After banana splits and huge waffle bowls of butter pecan, it was early to bed for early rising on the morrow.

Day 7

The cyclists departed this morning a little later (4:30) but with much cooler temperatures and a destination of Hope, Arizona.

Standing on the corner of Wickenburg, Arizona, (not Winslow)
Standing on the corner of Wickenburg, Arizona, (not Winslow)

Part 2 of Day 7 next.

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