California Done! 7 More States to Go…Part 2

Day 7 – from Wickenburg to Hope (yes it is west, but we are doing this our way).

Water stop in Wenden
Water stop in Wenden

After the 4:30 departure, the GGJV climbed out of Wickenburg and through the small towns of Aguila, Wedden, Salome, and on to Hope.  We got a chuckle from the grammatically incorrect sign in Hope.

You're Beyond Hope now!
You’re Beyond Hope Now!

When the cyclists were loaded for our return trip to Wickenburg, they informed me they had partaken of a great cup of coffee at Woody’s Market in Aguila. I had to partake as well so we made a stop for their delicious coffee. Across the road, the pickers were very busy with the broccoli and spinach crops. Tate, I thought of you.

After quick showers back at the Rancho Grande, (our hotel in Wickenburg), Kim picked out a great lunch spot, a Mediterranean bistro – Bedoiain’s Bakery and Bistro. Excellent choice, Kim. While the fellows returned for naps and bike maintenance, the girls went shopping and sightseeing. The Desert Caballeros Western Museum was quite interesting with galleries of past and current western painters as well as buildings from an old Western town staged in the basement.  My favorite room/house was the kitchen of the mayor’s house containing a two-gallon ice cream freezer, a Hoosier cabinet, a child’s swing, and many other items we seemed to have in our own home including the dining room wallpaper. I now know why they put the legs of the beds in cans (to keep the insects out of the beds) and also what an Arizona room is. (In Virginia, we called them sleeping porches.)  After the museum, we visited the many shops of Wickenburg. Now I need a nap!

With the shopping completed, it was now time for dinner. That’s all we do folks, eat, sleep, cycle. Kim found an Italian restaurant for dinner and the pizza was excellent. We could have done without the wide screen TV broadcasting the Phoenix news, didn’t quite fit in this renovated Western bungalow. Still, the food was great. Cary’s Pizza, Wickenburg.

Next on the agenda was Movie TIme, WIckenburg has a vintage theater similar to our Naro and Kimball in the Tidewater area. Since my son in law, Roger Williams, had highly recommended that I read “The Martian”, I figured I would cheat and see the movie first.  While we stayed up way past our bedtime,  I enjoyed the movie. Talk about problem solving, what a team effort.  NASA’s team is almost as good at problem solving as the GGJV!

"The Martian"
“The Martian”

Next stop Tempe!