Back in Austin Again!

Day 30 – The team left this AM in a bit of a misty rain and cool temperatures (53 degrees).  While GGJV thought they were ready to roll, Bill thought the tire was flat on the RV. He told Jeff and Kim to go on and he would deal with the tire. After further inspection, a closer look revealed that a leaf was between the two tires and not a flat tire. Bill inspects by doing a visual of space between the two tires to determine if it is going flat. The leaf blocked his view. So he happily took off to catch up with the team only to get a flat tire on his bike about 20 miles out.  While his bike was propped up so he could get his tools and tube out, it fell over and broke his mirror. He did get his flat fixed then cycled 4 miles and realized he had left his bike pump back where he had fixed his tire. So he pedaled back to retrieve it and then cycled on. I caught up with him about this time.

Donkey Oaties at the Rosa Ranch
Donkey Oaties at the Rosa Ranch

We tag teamed each other for a few miles until I reached a crazy single car “ford” where the Sycamore Creek crossed the road.

"Ford" from my viewpoint
“Ford” from my viewpoint

I did not want to venture across so waited for Bill who “hydroplaned” across on his bike and said I would make it. With fear and trepidation and no foot on the brake as there was a steep hill on the other side, I did make it across.

Looking back after crossing the "ford"
Looking back after crossing the “ford”
We think these are impala?
We think these are impala?

I finally caught up with the Speedy Gonzales Cyclists at the 68 mile point. I waited for Bill to catch up, picked him up, then we navigated into Austin to meet up with Kim and Jeff who finally stopped for the day at 83 miles. We are in a funky RV park tonight called Pecan Grove RV Park, very close to the Colorado River, Zilker Park and Town Lake. Kim is busy in the kitchen making an Orange Chicken Dish, can’t wait for dinner tonight as it smells great!

Tomorrow the team is headed to LaGrange, Texas or beyond and I’m going to do some cycling around Austin first since the sun will be out.

Promise to take pictures of the cyclists tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Back in Austin Again!”

    1. The “ford” lowercase F was concrete color and had greenish/brown water flowing over it. Yeah, the consensus is that those animals were impalas.

      1. I wouldn’t know a creek from a ford, but I have several creaks along with snaps and pops in my new knee.

        1. Sounds like a one man band, we could add my violin and the natural noises in this RV at night and I think we could have another hit!Have fun in the DR.

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