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El Camino – Spring, 2014

Top of the Mountain
Top of the Mountain

El Camino de Santiago

From the suggestion of a “pilgrim” in a bookstore in Williamsburg – “Write this down and check out the El Camino de Santiago, you will want to do that one day…” and so I did. Five years later, I crossed this off my bucketventure list (as my kids refer to my bucket list) and started a whole new life. I was not expecting any life-changing experiences on the Camino, however half-way through I looked at my husband and said, “This is really nice!” His response was, “If you’d retire, we could do this all the time. To which I replied, “Deal”, handing my retirement letter to my superintendent upon my return to work the following week.

For my husband and I this was a beautiful two weeks of letting go of work responsibilities for me and appreciating the experience – being present to one another.



First Century Ride – Virginia Cap2Cap

After returning from our 500 mile ride in Spain, I decided I could conquer a century ride. Little did I know that I should have trained more to accomplish this. I figured riding 50 miles a day for two weeks  was sufficient training. My husband and I arrived at Chicahominy Park in Williamsburg ready to start the ride at 8:00 AM. By 12:00 PM, I still had not reached the halfway point in Richmond and my husband suggested a stop to buy a Pepsi for some quick energy. It worked and I made it to Richmond by 1:00. Another Pepsi stop at 3:00 and I was ready to make the last 30 miles back; however, a storm delayed our return forcing us to take cover at the Charles City Grill. Since we had not made it back to the Finish Line in time for the “box lunch”, we ate our dinner at the Grill while the storm moved past. My brother had joined us and brought a vehicle with which to transport our bikes back to Williamsburg. Never one to give up, I got back on my bike and finished the last 20 miles. I did not set any speed records, but I did finish. May 25, 2014